Frequently Asked Questions

"Ann and I had a wonderful time with Bare Buns. The night certainly flew by very quickly! We'd love to continue meeting with 'The Most Convivial Nudists North of the Equator'!"

— Brett and Ann Ritter, Ashland, Virginia

"I agree with the folks that gave your group the 'TMCNNE' [see above for the meaning of this] award!! I just wish we had a similar group in [my area]. Looking forward to meeting some of you again at the canoe trip..."

— Bobbi Collins, Virginia Beach, VA

Question: May we visit without joining?

Most nudist clubs, including BARE BUNS, require that you visit several times before you may apply for membership. We want to get to know you before considering you as members, and we assume that you'll want to become comfortable with us before committing to membership. When you subscribe to our newsletter, you may request a membership application form.

Last updated: July 15, 2003
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