How to Subscribe to Our Newsletter, The Bottom Line

"Let me tell you how much we enjoy your newsletter. It is extremely gratifying to see the proactive approach that your organization has taken. It's good to let the general public see what we are all about. There is a possibility that I may be stationed in Washington, DC next year; if so, we plan on being active members of your organization."

— Walter and Karen Connett, US Foreign Service

"The Bottom Line is how it should be done. It's professional, concise and objective which makes for informational and pleasurable reading."

— Bill Toedter, member of AANR Speakers' Bureau

"We all look forward to receiving THE BOTTOM's light-hearted but informative...."

— Nancy Tiemann, co-owner, Bare Necessities Tour & Travel Company

Question: How may we subscribe to your newsletter, The Bottom Line?

We've entered the twenty-first century, and The Bottom Line is no longer published in paper and ink form. It is only on-line now, in an electronic Internet version. It's still as well written, fun and informative as ever; we think you'll enjoy it.

When you first request information about our club, we send introductory information via email plus a short, free trial subscription which consists of an e-mail update two or three or maybe even four times per month. The frequency depends upon how many new activities we have coming up.

After that period, non-members can view the Internet version of The Bottom Line and continue to receive updates by sending $22.80 for a one-year subscription. (After you join, you'll once again receive a free subscription, as one of the many benefits of membership in Bare Buns Family Nudist Club).

Also, when you purchase a subscription, you may request a membership application.

Last updated: July 7, 2003
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