Special Offer to Novice Nudists

"There was no shame and no cause for shame (it was like) being able to stand naked in full sunlight."

— Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

"Enjoy Clothes-free recreation. Life is not a dress rehearsal."™

— Twenty-First Century Enterprises

Dear Friends,

Not long ago, before I discovered the absolute exhilaration of clothes-free recreation, I felt like you might feel.  I wanted to try social nudism, but I was also very hesitant for a number of good reasons.  I felt uncertain because I don't have the body of a starlet, and I was concerned about what "really goes on" at these places.

Thank God I overcame my hesitancy to try!  Now I know that what "really goes on" is clean, wholesome, family-oriented fun.  I've never in my life found anything else so liberating and natural!

I'm such a confirmed nudist now, that I want to do everything I can to help others get started.

I mentioned this to Gary Brown, and asked him if there weren't more ways we could encourage first-timers to join us in an activity.  Gary and I wanted to find a way to encourage people like you, who have expressed interest but never attended, and we came up with a plan that we hope you'll like:

If you have never attended a BARE BUNS activity, you may attend one of our Rec Center parties AT THE MEMBER RATE!  And if you choose not to stay after attending the orientation, we will cheerfully refund your money!

(BARE BUNS conducts a free orientation for beginners, called Bare Facts About Nudism™ which attendees have called "reassuring" and "very comforting", at the beginning of each Rec Center party. We have from 6 to 10 first-timers at a typical orientation, and about half of them are women.  But still, some novices might consider the first activity too costly when they aren't sure they're going to like the people, and be comfortable with our atmosphere.)

To take advantage of this generous offer, mail a paper with your name and the names of each person in your party, along with each person's address, phone and e-ddress. Send it to the club's address below with your check or money order for $32.00 ($16 if you are a single woman). We'll email a map and all the information you'll need to join us for an evening of healthful, natural, clothes-free recreation.

This offer is only being made to families, couples, and single women.  All successful nudist clubs know that in order to survive, we must maintain a comfortable ratio of men to women (most clubs don't exceed 60/40, which is the standard BARE BUNS maintains).

Please realize that by making this offer to couples and women who otherwise might not attend, we are helping more single men attend.  For every couple we add, we can take one single man from the waiting list, and for every single woman we add, we can admit two single men.1 So, in the end, everybody benefits.

I hope you'll join us. I often volunteer to be one of the greeters at the door at these parties, and I look forward to meeting you.


Gail Levy

1Yes, we know, that's not exact. For the sake of anybody who is fixated on math, the numbers used above to explain the calculation of gender balance are only approximated.

Bare Buns' mailing address is:

Bare Buns Family Nudist Club