"It's not considered pornographic when National Geographic publishes color photographs of people hunting the wildebeest naked, or pounding one rock onto another rock for some primitive reason naked, or whatever. But if National Geographic were to publish an article entitled "The Girls of the California Junior College System Hunt the Wildebeest Naked", some people would call it pornography. But others would not."

— Dave Barry

Clothe the Naked
BARE BUNS Polo Shirts

We're preparing to order another shipment of our beautiful BARE BUNS polo shirts! They are a comfortable, stylish 50/50 cotton/poly blend.

Bare Buns shirt Illustrated: #15 Raspberry Shirt with #4 Black Embroidery Thread

Here's how to place your order:


1. Determine your shirt size. All are in men's sizes.

2. Choose the color for your shirt fabric, making certain that the color you like is available in your size.

3. Choose the color for the embroidered Bare Buns logo and the words, "Take Off With Us!"

(The combination you see many Bare Buns members wearing is #15 Raspberry fabric with #4 Black thread.)

4. Write a description of your order on a sheet of paper.

THEN, move down to Step 2.

Color Chart

Style 5700 Adult Man's Sizes:  S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Fabric colors available in 4XL:  5 Hunter, 20 Navy,

21 White, 22 Red, 23 Royal, 24 Burgundy, 25 Deep Green.

Style 9700 Youth Sizes are no longer manufactured.

Color chart

Match Color Number to a Name (Colors may vary due to differences in your monitor settings)

1. Teal 2. Sports Gray 3. Turquoise 4. Black 5. Hunter
6. Cream 7. Forest 8. Gold 9. Kelly 10. Maize
11. Orange 12. Peach 13. Plum 14. Powder Blue 15. Raspberry
16. Silver 17. Tan 18. Jade 19. Ash 20. Navy
21. White 22. Red 23. Royal 24. Burgundy 25. Deep Green

Catalog page
Click the illustration to view a PDF of a larger version
(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader®. It's free, and you can download it directly from Adobe at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.)


5. Determine the cost for your shirt(s)


Style 5700 Adult in Men's Sizes S, M, L, XL:

   Purchased by a Bare Buns Member (*)   $26.00
   Non Member(*)   $32.00

Larger sizes:

Style 5700 Adult in size Man's 2XL:  Add $2.00 to the above prices.

Style 5700 Adult in size Man's 3XL:  Add $4.00

Style 5700 Adult in size Man's 4XL:  Add $6.00

Youth sizes:

Style 9700 Youth Sizes are no longer manufactured.

(*) For purposes of purchasing shirts, we will extend the member price to anyone who has received a membership application within the last six months AND has attended at least one activity within eight weeks prior to the order date.

6. Add Shipping Charge: If you pick up your shirt at a Bare Buns activity, we will deliver it for no additional charge. If we must send your shirt via US Mail, FedEx, etc., add $6 per order for shipping, handling and insurance.

7. Total the cost for your order (including shipping charge if appropriate). Mail the written description of your order along with your check or money order, payable to:

    Bare Essentials


Our thanks to Mark and Sonia for their professional help with some of the graphics on this page!

Last updated: February 28, 2006
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