Frequently Asked Questions

"Yet could it be possible, in the long run, to wear clothes without learning modesty, and through modesty lasciviousness?"

— C. S. Lewis in "Perelandra"

"Nudity is a state of fact; lewdity, to coin a phrase, is a state of mind."

— Paul Outerbridge, Jr., Photographer

"His disciples asked, "'When will You become revealed to us and when shall we see You?' Jesus answered, 'When you disrobe without being ashamed and take up your garments and place them under your feet like little children and tread on them, then will you see the son of the Living One, and you will not be afraid.'"

— From the Gospel of Thomas

Question: What kind of behavior should we expect?

The rules of behavior at BARE BUNS, and at most nudist clubs, are based upon courtesy and common sense.  Some are the same as you'd find at any park, campground or swimming pool, but a few are quite different.

Our basic rule is that any behavior which causes others to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable is forbidden. That behavior could include language or actions, unlawful drugs, bringing a camera, or being too "friendly" in a way that causes others to feel defensive.

We don't think that drunkenness and nudity go together, therefore a drink or two is OK but drunken behavior, whether actually intoxicated or not, is not allowed.

All nudist clubs require that you sit on a towel when you are unclothed and want to sit on anything — such as a chair, the floor, a rock or a picnic bench — which does not belong to you. Never sit on someone else's towel.

We prohibit jewelry or other body decoration which draws attention to the genitals or the breasts. Same with clothing that is sexy, suggestive, see-through or enticing. Garments, especially those which barely cover some body parts, are far more alluring than simple nudity.

Don't come looking for sex. You're only going to be disappointed, and if you offend anyone, you will be permanently barred from our activities.

We want all of our members and guests to enjoy themselves and to want to return. We are particularly protective of people who are visiting our club for the first time; we spend a lot of time, effort and dollars encouraging first-timers, and we will not tolerate someone whose attitude or behavior makes our new guests' visit anything less than perfect.

If a person has a problem with any of our rules, we respectfully suggest that perhaps our club is not the one for them.

Last updated: July 7, 2003
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