Frequently Asked Questions

"We wanted to thank you for all your hospitality. It was truly an excellent facility and outing. Everyone was very friendly and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We hope to see everyone again soon."

— Steve Kincaid and Linda Dean, Philadelphia, PA

"...just wanted tell how much fun I had last night at the rec center party. It was a wonderful time. Thank you for helping me get started."

— Rala Mbulii, Towson, MD

"...we are really enjoying these sports parties! Have met lots of new people, and everyone was so friendly."

— Pam Whitter, Sterling, VA

"We would like to attend the February Sports Club Party. We are members of [another nudist club]. We have friends who attended one of your parties and were very impressed with Bare Buns."

— Brad and June Koch, Delaware

"I want to commend you and Bare Buns for such a classy and safe event. The orientation certainly put Tina and I at ease and we also enjoyed Baerobics! The people were very nice and we made new friends. The club is first class and our overall experience was one of pure joy! Had we had known that this experience was going to be so pleasant, we would have taken the plunge many years ago.

"We look forward to becoming members of Bare Buns and thank you again for allowing us to attend. We are looking forward to the next event!"

— Jim and Tina Dempsey, Waldorf, MD

"We are members of [another nearby nudist club] and would be interested in attending your next sports club event. We have heard nothing but great things and would like to give it a try!"

— Kevin and Melanie Page, Olney, MD

"The week after attending your orientation and sports club party, for the first time in my life, I was able to walk from the shower to my locker without wrapping up in a felt so 'normal' to feel un-self conscious about being nude in front of other women, in a place where it should be totally acceptable..."

— Cecilia Connolley, Arlington, VA

"First of all I'd like to thank you for a really great time on Saturday. It was everything you said it would be and more. Nice people, comfortable surroundings, and a beautiful facility. I'll definitely be signing up for the next one.... you've got me hooked..."

— Ren Preston, Upper Marlboro, MD

Question: What's it like to attend one of your Rec Center parties?

People have asked what it's like to attend one of our popular Rec Center parties. We think that's the best place for new people to start, especially because we always begin with our "Bare Facts About Nudism"(sm)orientations. People visiting for their first time frequently tell us that our orientations are helpful and encouraging.

Since this article was written, we've added: Bareobics, child care, cardio-vascular equipment (stationary and recumbent bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, stair climbers), tanning beds, tennis and a tennis clinic, led by a qualified tennis pro (The clinic is free, you only pay for the court time). Also massage from a professional, licensed massage therapist, dancing, dance lessons (both ballroom and country), jam session / singalong (bring your harmonica, banjo, guitar, voice, song sheets, whatever), crafts demonstrations and computer workshops.

We've added free swimming lessons for the kids only, taught by a teen who's a member of a championship high school team.

And we've added a "Meet & Greet", where first-time visitors are invited to meet a few of our members at a close-by restaurant, in a clothed environment, for a bite prior to the orientation. That way, when they arrive for the orientation, they feel like they already have a few friends there.

Massage, child care, tanning and tennis are at an additional charge. A free shuttle from the Springfield Metro station and back is also available.

Observations at a Rec Center Party

It's 7 PM on a Saturday evening. People are arriving at "our" recreation center, near Springfield, Virginia. Almost a dozen are volunteers who arrive early to set up for the party. The food must be displayed attractively, nets must be put up for walleyball, full-court volleyball and water volleyball, and plastic "curtains" must be put over the windows to keep our party private.

Attendees need to be checked in, and nervous first-timers will be welcomed and escorted to the lounge for our "Bare Facts About Nudism"(sm) orientation. We'll give them lots of encouraging information, with some surprising history and a little humor thrown in to help them feel at ease.

They also have the assurance that if they choose not to stay after attending the full orientation, we will cheerfully refund their money.

We'll explain that everybody they see here tonight had their first time, and that we all remember how uncertain we felt at first. We'll tell them that if they were to encounter any problems (which seldom happens), we want them to tell us.

This evening, two married couples, one unmarried couple, one single woman and two single men will attend the orientation. One of the married couples has visited White Tail Park in southern Virginia, and they drove up from Richmond to attend our party (that's not uncommon, people will drive two hours or even more to attend our activities. One couple routinely drives from the Philadelphia area, just because they enjoy being with our people so much!)

One of the single men visited a club in Colorado frequently when he lived there; the other single man has been to Sandy Hook in New Jersey. One of the women has lived in Europe, where it was customary to go nude on the beach; she'd love to experience that sense of freedom again, but she's a little intimidated, both because she's unescorted and because she's fearful that going nude indoors won't feel quite as natural as it felt on the beach. We introduce her to her a few of the other women who are unaccompanied, and she feels encouraged.

Later on, when another nervous first timer is deeply involved in a volleyball game, her male partner comments that she seems to have forgotten that she's nude. By the end of the evening, she's very happy that she found the courage to give us a chance, and promises that she'll be back! Now she knows why we said that it's harder to put your clothes back on at the end of the evening, than it was to take them off at the beginning. Now that she knows how wholesome we are, it will be easier to bring a single friend, whether male or female, next time.

At one point during the evening, six people are enjoying each other's company in the sauna. Perhaps seven or eight are playing water volleyball, while some others splash with their children in one end of the pool. A couple others swim laps. Over in the corner, at least a dozen are soaking in the whirlpool.

The couple from Richmond are throwing darts. The racquetball court is empty right now, but a few people are playing walleyball in the glass-walled court next door.

In the lounge, a dozen people are watching a movie, one of them a mother who is nursing her baby. In another room, several kids are watching a children's show on TV. Their parents nibble on some really great snacks (including shrimp cocktail and sushi) and sip beer, wine, soft drinks or hot chocolate or hot cider — it's really cold outside! Tonight, one of our newest members has brought freshly-baked home-made chocolate chip cookies to share.

Some evenings, people sit on the floor around a coffee table, playing board games or card games. Tonight's a little different, people are all involved with other activities.

Some of these people attend every party; others show up once in a while, as time and busy schedules permit. Most look forward to seeing the friends they've met at Bare Buns parties.

You could be part of this! If you've been thinking about joining us for an evening of relaxing, clothes-free fun, give us a call at the club number, or send an e-mail. We know this is a huge challenge for some people. We're remarkably understanding and encouraging, and we'll be happy to help you get started.

We have specially reduced rates for first-time visitors. There's also a reduced rate for families, couples and single women who are in the process of joining our club. Furthermore, we have incentives for those who bring first-timer friends!

Note: Please don't jump to an ill-informed conclusion that we discriminate against single males! Because our club makes a successful effort to encourage women to attend and join, we are able to maintain a balance that is comfortable for everybody. That allows us to admit far more single men than we otherwise would be able to accommodate. Everybody wins!

Single men have the privilege of bringing a single person of the opposite sex as their guest for no extra charge, something we don't allow couples or single women to do.

Last updated: November 5, 2003
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