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"BARE BUNS Family Nudist Club is a model organization in many ways. Keys to its success are the care taken in choosing members and activities.... My wife and I attended five recent Bare Buns events and each time found the atmosphere very welcoming, even for relatively new naturists. Bare Buns places an emphasis on a reasonable gender balance and support for women."

— Ron Musselman

"I've just read the Nude and Natural article. Very impressive! It's helped me learn a lot more about BBFNC, and gain more respect for your club through a deeper understanding of how & why you function as you do. The writer had a good perspective on all of it, I thought. I felt very comfortable at your (Cinco de Mayo) party, and felt very welcomed by the many folks who talked to me. You've done a good job creating that healthy atmosphere. Thanks."

— John English, Catonsville, MD

Question: What did Nude & Natural Magazine write about Bare Buns?

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The Naturist Society, in their beautifully illustrated quarterly magazine, Nude & Natural, had this to say about Bare Buns:

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*The second paragraph below contains a factual error. The seminar we started is called "Bare Facts About Nudism™". The Dare To Go Bare classes were a predecessor to our class, which we organized after DTGB ceased operating.

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Please note that our address and phone number have changed from those given in the page below.

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