How To Join Bare Buns

"Dennis and I have tried out (a couple of other nearby clubs) and, given our positive experience on Saturday night, have decided that Bare Buns best meets our needs.... We were pleased with the gender ratio you maintain, and impressed with the nice facilities you have.... Please send us an application for membership, and whatever other info we need."

— Barbara O'Neill, Columbia, MD

A membership application will only be sent to people who have demonstrated enough interest to purchase a subscription to THE BOTTOM LINE.

Please do not send money for membership dues until you have purchased a subscription to The Bottom Line and completed the membership application process.

When you mail your $22.80 subscription fee, you may request a membership application packet. It includes a questionnaire which asks about your interests, skills, and reasons for joining, and a signature page.

If you're a family, a couple or a single woman, it also includes three coupons, good for attendance at activities at the member rate while you are applying for membership. Single men don't qualify for this discount, but you get to bring a female partner for no additional charge, and in most cases this would qualify you for the couples' price. When you bring an unmarried female friend, it helps us to maintain the gender balance, instead of making that task more difficult.

After you have gathered the signatures of nine members from at least three different clothes-optional activities (not all are clothing optional — some, held in public places, require clothing) you may complete the questionnaire and return the entire application package at one time to us with your first year's dues (It's hard to keep track of things when people send the membership application in bits and pieces).

Dues are for a 12-month period; they are $39.60 per year for families, couples, and single men. Single women, being in the minority, may join for $25.80 per year. After your first year, membership dues include a free subscription to THE BOTTOM LINE. Two unmarried persons of the opposite sex may join as a couple. Married persons must join as a couple.

The American Association for Nude Recreation

You may join or renew your membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation through BARE BUNS. AANR dues, including a one-year subscription to THE BULLETIN, their monthly newspaper, are $62.50 per family/couple, and $35 per single, if membership is through a club. Direct membership in AANR (not through a club) is available for $81.50 per family/couple and $52 per single.

Joining AANR includes membership in the International Naturist Federation. Benefits include admission and discounts at beaches and clubs throughout the world.

The Naturist Society

You may join or renew your membership in The Naturist Society and receive their quarterly magazine, Nude and Natural, for $50 per year. You may join TNS directly, or through BARE BUNS; if you join through our club, The Naturist Society allows us to keep $5 of your dues to help finance our important, very effective but expensive community relations efforts.

BARE BUNS rates are effective January 1, 1998 through June 30, 2003.

Please make check or money order payable to BARE BUNS. Mail to the address below.

BARE BUNS Family Nudist Club

Affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation and its Eastern Region, the Central Fairfax (Virginia) Chamber of Commerce, The International Naturist Federation and The Naturist Society.

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Last updated: February 26, 2006
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