Paula: "I thought you said you were decent!"
Elliott: "I am decent. I also happen to be naked."

— from The Goodbye Girl by Neil Simon

"We should all learn to be this comfortable with our bodies."

— Dr. Dean Edell,

Decent Exposure

The following reprints are typical of what the print media has said about us.

SELF Magazine is a very popular monthly magazine for women - especially women between early 20's to late 40's and who tend to be single and into the outdoors and fitness, or who aspire to be more fit. The May 2001 issue of SELF contains an article by Carolyn Hagan, titled 36 Ways to Say "I Adore My Body". Here's a copy of the comments on Page 176, where Bare Buns founding member Donna Meyers is quoted about healthy body acceptance.

Self magazine pull-quote

We think it's clever, the way they juxtaposed Donna's comment about Cindy Crawford just above Cindy Crawford's quote.

Read the great story about Bare Buns that appeared in The Naturist Society's magazine, Nude 'n' Natural. It was in V20.4, the Summer 2001 issue, pp 73 - 76.

If you are aware of other media stories or editorials that should be included on this site, please tell us about them.  We may ask you to send us a good, clean, clear copy so we can reproduce it here.

Eventually, we'll offer film or audio clips as well.

Replies to mastectomy and nudism question in Dear Abby

The leaders of Bare Buns have a huge amount of experience in working with both the print and broadcast media to get positive exposure (pun intended).

We started in the mid 1980's, working with Jeanette Alexander and Roy Henderson, owners of Power Speaking, a company which taught business representatives, politicians, nudists and others to work successfully with the media. When we met them, they had an impressive list of more-than- satisfied clients. We were to become another of those.

They got us started (under the auspices of a different nudist club, with which several of Bare Buns' founders had been involved in those days). We eventually started Bare Buns, and we have continued to employ the techniques that Roy and Jeanette shared with us.

Roy and Jeanette taught us to speak in sound bites, to always speak in positive terms and to avoid the many "traps" that a clever but hostile interviewer could lay for us.

They have since married, and today they own Parnassus Productions, touring the United States and doing theatrical productions and workshops on college campuses.

On the road, they live in their fully self-contained (satellite internet access, cell phones, etc.) mobile office.

But when possible, they relax at their serene, comfortable home on an isolated, lovely mountaintop in Tennessee, at the edge of a bluff, enjoying a spectacular view when the Smoky Mountains weather isn't too hazy. It's possible to walk the dogs, mow the lawn, tend the garden and of course, relax in the hot tub, all unclothed.

They enjoy riding horseback, too, but I wouldn't do that without wearing a pair of jeans. Not only the male concern for protecting his privates, but the saddle or the horse hair chafing against thighs could become painful. (There are times or activities where clothing does make sense.) There's even an ancient Indian cave in the cliff, just below their back yard!

As of the Spring of 2000, the Hendersons have once again been asked to provide training for spokespersons and candidates of one of the major political parties.

And as if they're not busy enough, we've asked them if they would be kind enough to help a new crop of nudists learn to interact successfully with the media.

The positive media "coverage" (yes, we know) we'll share with you here, can be attributed to the direction given by Jeanette and Roy Henderson and Power Speaking.

Overall, the Media has been very good to us. They usually strive to get the facts right (although sometimes they miss the mark) and once they realize that we take ourselves and our recreation style seriously, they do too.

Only once has a writer been 'way off, and that is because she simply didn't listen. After we had explained that clothes free recreation isn't about being seen nude or seeing others nude, she wrote that there wasn't anyone there who she wanted to see nude, anyway. (Duh! Isn't that what we just said?)

Besides these examples, we've been spoken of very favorably on national radio by Paul Harvey and Willard Scott, by Tim Brant and Andy Parks on the Tim and Andy show, the morning drive show on WMAL, in Washington, DC, and many others.

We're still working hard to educate the public and the media about the wholesome, natural benefits of clothes free recreation. We feel like we've made progress with Abilgail Van Buren (Dear Abby) and with Ann Landers in the last few years. Even Judith Martin, "Miss Manners," has demonstrated her clever sense of humor regarding clothes-free relaxation.

We still have a way to go with some popular broadcast show hosts, such as Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh. This isn't meant as a joke, anyone who listens to them has to conclude that they can be very reasonable people, and we believe that if they'll examine the facts with an unbiased mind, they'll probably conclude that we're pretty good people too.

Even Don and Mike behaved themselves when they were allowed to conduct a live show on the grounds of a nudist campground, having been warned that the first off-color remark would find them outside the gate. We don't expect to ever get respect from the likes of Howard Stern, but his show isn't about respect. It's about being outrageous and absurd, drawing a lot of attention, and making a wad of money along the way. Some people find his style entertaining. It seems to work for him. No problem.

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