"You're doing a great job and Bottomline OnLine is a good indication."

— Jere Lull, the "ringleader" of Chesapeake Bareboaters

"We like this version of the Bottom Line. You did a great job with the graphics and the articles. It has the potential for a lot of new content on the activities you plan. I'd like to write something about our volleyball team, for the next issue."

— Tom and Rosina Guere, Randallstown, MD

"It's great!!! And it is a better product than the printed version. We suggest more natural pictures when access can be restricted. Thanks for all you do to make Bare Buns safe and fun!"

— John and Brenda Wright, Bowling Green, VA

"It's an excellent way to publish The Bottom Line. It saves mailing costs, and if people want to print it, they can. It also enables the use of color pictures. I hope you keep it up!"

— Linda Carter, Burke, VA

"...very professional in appearance. It has many articles of interest, however, I'd prefer more content that relates to the Club. My preference would be that we always have a version that the public can read. That will require some dexterity in writing and publishing, but it gets the word out to folks who might be considering attending an event or learning more about us. It was the Internet that allowed us to learn that others enjoy clothes-free living. I'm a great believer in using it as an educational tool. We'd have to be discrete in how things were described or persons identified...."

— Pamela and Chase Brylane, Mechanicsville, VA

The Bottom Line is On-Line

We've begun to publish The Bottom Line, our highly regarded newsletter, via the Web.  This latest development will allow us to publish much more frequently than in the past. The obvious payoff is that our members and friends can be better informed, and we can provide this capability in a more timely manner.

Only members or people who have a subscription are able to read the current edition of our newsletter.

You can continue to read our great newsletter by subscribing; for a while, we'll keep the subscription price at $22.80 per year. Make your check payable to BARE BUNS Family Nudist Club, and mail it to the address below.

Bare Buns Family Nudist Club

Email to bbfnc@takeoffwithus.com.

Selected articles from back issues of The Bottom Line can be viewed here.

If you'd like to be notified when our web site is updated, send a blank message to: BareBunsWebUpdate-subscribe@onelist.com.